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About Me

About Me

I am a Hindi Writer. I have restarted writing in August, 2012 after a gap of 12-13 years. In this blog, all my new writings are published which I have been writing since 1st August,'12. I had passed through a phase of absolute 'Vairaagya", living in this world, still not living in it. I also went through the agony of deadly disease Cancer during this period. Now I am completely cured, this is what Doctors say. I had either destroyed or forgotten many things of my past, (also pain of my past), thinking that I had ' left ' this world and I would never again ' wake up '. But God was having some thing else in his store for me. On HIS instructions, I woke up again. Literature is the only place where I could find shelter. I call it my Re-birth.

I have written few books, may be 16. Following are the details.......

1. Prem Prahaar (Poems)
2. Mera Marnaa (Poems)
3. Katghare mein (Poems)
4. Khatm Hone Ke Baad (Stories)
5. Abhi Talaash Jaari Hai (Stories)
6. Apna Apna Sach (Stories)
7. Anveshi (Stories)
8. Swapnadansh (Stories)
9. Ye Kahaniyaan (Collection of Stories)
10. Dhaai Aakhar Prem Ka (Stories)
11. Jag Ka Mujra (Stories)
12. Paru Ne kaha tha (Novellett)
13. Prasangvash (Essays)
14. Agyeya : Ek Moolyaankan (Edited)
15. Uska Bachpan (Naatya Roopantar)
16. Terah Kahaniyaan (Edited)

5 more books, written during August, 2012 to September, 2014 are ready for publication.

I published and edited a literary magazine Vaichariki Sankalan from August, 1986 to 1996-1998 (do not remember the month/year of last issue) with a gap of few years in between. I have to search if I have any copy of it with me.

I created (made) Audio Cassettes of Hindi Story Tellling in 1992. (I got the inspiration in Guyana). These audio cassettes consisted stories by Prem Chand, Sharat Chandra, Kamleshwar, and Manika Mohini (me). This venture was not welcomed in our country. After keeping them safe with me for long, I threw them all. Now I do not think, I have a copy of them. 

I wrote Dialogue of a Hindi Film, Sandhya Chhaya, directed by Jyoti Swaroop. The film was telecast on Doordarshan in February, 1994. I was a dialogue writer with the same Director, of few episodes of Tele Serial, Parvarish (old), telecast on Zee T V, some time between 1989-1993, I do not remember exact year.

I worked with Central Govt. on Gazetted post in Delhi, Mumbai and South America (Guyana - Georgetown in the High Commission of India on the post of Attache - Education and culture)

I am a Post Graduate from Delhi University. I left my Ph D (D U) in the middle. I also left B Ed (Jamia Milia) and second M A (Psychology) (D U) in the middle.

At present, I am residing in Noida. Apart from Writing, I am running a Retail Showroom of Handicrafts & Gifts, named Sankalan Art Gallery in Noida. I also have a Boutique, named Barkha's Boutique. My email ID is .

मैं जो रचनाएं आजकल लिख रही हूँ, चाहे मैंने उन्हें कहीं छपने के लिए भेजा हो परन्तु वे स्वान्तः सुखाय ही हैं. बीच-बीच में मैं मानसिक तौर पर वापस अपनी खोह में लौट जाती हूँ जहां कोई दूसरा नहीं है. न किसी लक्ष्य पर पहुँचने की इच्छा, न तैयारी. न किसी से मिलने की ललक, न ज़रूरत. मैं उस मुकाम पर हूँ, जहां मैं अपने आप में संतुष्ट हूँ. आप कह सकते हैं कि मैं मर चुकी हूँ. मुझे ख़ुशी होगी यदि सब मुझे मरा हुआ समझ लें तो.

But this is also true that now I feel, I am the happiest person on this earth. I want to live fully. Now I know the art of living happily, peacefully and successfully. But there is a saying, ' When you learn, how to live, you are too old to live.' I remember one couplet, I read somewhere recently, which fits my mood of these days......

ऐ फलक, चाहिए जी भर के नज़ारा हमको 
जाके आना नहीं दुनिया में दोबारा हमको।

मणिका मोहिनी


  1. I would so like to get to know you better.

  2. Am happy to receive your comment. I occasionally read your blog and like your diary pieces. You love your kids, your mother, making food and you follow Buddhism. I publish my writings (poems/stories) in my blog. You wrote so beautiful poems. Dont you think to continue in that field? You can write to me at Thanks. Manika

  3. I can remember your magazine 'Vaichariki Sankalan' in 80's , when my stories had been published in Dharmayug and Sarika. I have left writing in Hindi and concentrated in Odia. After a long interval, when I tried to access Hindi Literature again, I could meet you.Thanks for your new blogging.