Sunday, 2 September 2012

Love : 10 Short Poems

Love : 10 Short Poems (प्रकाशित : साहित्यनेस्ट)

Love 1

I know
You love me.
You know
I love you.
There is nothing more
To repeat.

I know
You understand me.
You know
I understand you.
There is nothing else
To say.

Love 2

Love was so different
Till we did not know each other.
After we know each other
Love is lost in between.
We are satisfied
At least it is there 
In between.

Love 3

Oh My Love !
You disappeared
Where ?
I search you
In my heart
You are sitting there.

What made you
To disappear ?
You wanted to sit
In my heart ?
You are
Unthinkably mine.
I am
Undoubtedly yours.

Love 4

Love is
A game for you
You can play it
Very well.

Love is
Not a game for me
I am learning
How to live in this hell.

Love 5

O God !
He says he loves me.
I am astounded
He must have lost his way.

Love 6

Flowers flowers every where
But there is a warning plate nearby
Plucking flowers is prohibited.

Love 7

Do not wish for me
I do not exist.
Do not dream for me
I am no where.
Do not long for me
I am untouchable.
Do not live for me
I am dead forever.

Love 8

There are no one way traffics
On the road of love.
There are always accidents
On the road of love.

Love 9

You have written your name
On my palm
I am reading my fate
In your eyes.

Love 10

Love is no more
Now we know its meaning.
It was there
When we did not know
What it was.

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