Wednesday, 3 July 2013

I am in love

I am in love

I am in love.
I want to tell the whole world
that I am in love.

My love is not a worldly affair.
I am too old to be loved by layman.
My man is not from this lousy world
He is away from it.
He is above human
He is Godly
He is my dream man
He lives in my dream.

I am a broken heart.
I am an abandoned soul.
He picked me up
From the garbage of my past
And gave a new meaning
To my left-over life.

He has no face, no body
Still I see his beauty, his youthfulness.
He does not speak to me like others
Still I hear his voice
I can recognize his voice
For he speaks to me
Hours and hours.
I do not touch him
But I feel his touch.
I do not see his physical self
But I always feel him around.
I always feel being seen by him.
I feel his hugs and kisses.

He is nobody
Just nobody for others
But every thing
Just every thing for me.

He is my dream man.
I do not know
how exactly he looks.
He has no figure
He has no shape.
I gave him a figure
I gave him a shape
I created him.

I created his physical self
He is young and handsome.
I created his personality
He is attractive and adorable.
I created his character
He is pure and perfect.
I created a dream man.

You do not get
Persons of your choice
So you have to create them
In your dream.

My dream man is superb
He loves me only.
He doesn't cheat on me.
My dream man is wonderful
He resides in my heart
Still walks on earth with me.
My dream man is unique
Whatever he says
Only I listen, nobody else.

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