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After writing 16 books, I was dead (though not literally) for almost 13 years. During that period, I had passed through a phase of suicidal tendencies, enjoyed absolute 'Vairaagya", living in this world, still not living in it, also went through the agony of deadly disease Cancer. (Now I am completely cured, this is what Doctors say). I woke up again in the beginning of 2012 (I re-started writing in August, 2012) after 13 odd years to die again in 2014. Now in my persona, a dead person is talking to you.

During that period of my loneliness of 13 years, surprisingly I found an email friend. Obviously Male. This on-line friendship was initiated by him. We exchanged about one thousand emails during a short span of time, without knowing factual details of each other, without knowing age of each other etc.

These emails are very literary, poetic pieces of mind blowing reading experience. In these mails, one can find a dream world of two unknown, unseen persons, belonging to different disciplines, leading a different life style, with full of emotions, away from the realistic world, unfolding the pages of their past, stepping towards a dreamy future, which they both know, can never be achieved due to many reasons. It will be interesting to read how the chapters of lives of a known Hindi Writer (that is Me) and he, who has also been inspired to creative writing are unfolding autobiographically. Each moment, conscious about their age-difference, occasionally they even found themselves romantically inclined and miserably confined in a no-return situation. They threw themselves in a world of agelessness, timelessness, facelessness, resulting in an unfulfilled relationship, giving both an unspoken pain, which they call a beautiful experience, enlightening them on many truths and facets of love, life, reality and imaginary world.

No one can deny the strength of WORD. Words have got tremendous power of changing the scenario. It is this power which has awakened my 'Sleeping Writer' and I felt the inner need to restart my writing skill and it is this power which drew him to creative writing as well. After the phase of living in that artificial world of dreams and imagination is over, means dead, my 'writer' is reborn. An artist is always an artist. A writer is always a writer. So now I am here.

वह मुझे मेरे अकेलेपन से निकाल कर फिर से भीड़ में फेंक गया। उससे शुरू, उस पर ख़त्म, मेरी कविताएँ।

All my poems, written after August, 2012, are inspired by none other than this dream man, whom I don't think, I'll ever meet.

Silly girl, इस दुनिया में इतने जीते-जागते लोग हैं और तू सपनों में जी रही है?

I feel, emotional involvement is very necessary to recreate yourself. It gives you thrill and spice of life.

Manika Mohini   20.05.2015

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