Monday, 17 November 2014

Noida Police - Sometimes good, sometimes bad.

Noida Police - Sometimes good, sometimes bad.

At present, I am living in Noida. I came across with a problem, like one unknown man was sending me unnecessary SMSs, vulgar and abusive too. I reported to the police here in writing but I dint get any positive response, though the SHO respectfully offered me Kaju and Tea. They got the telephone calls traced and found that only my phone no. was there as that bloody man was using that phone no. only for me. Police dint do anything more, rather samjhaao me not to attend to his calls. Sub Inspector told me, they are short of man power.

Listen one more experience. Few days back, my son and me were coming back home after a party. It was late in the night. My son was driving and was a little drunk. At Noida, police stopped our car, talked to him and said, 'Madam, your son is drunk and he is driving.'
I said, 'Ok. I'll drive now.'
He said, 'Drinking and driving is a crime, you know.'
I said, 'Yes, I know. But he had only beer.'
He said, 'That too is a liquor.'
I said, 'If you wish, you can arrest him but take it for sure, now I'll drive, he'll not.'
He said, 'Ok Madam, ठीक से गाड़ी चलाएँ।'
I said, 'Don't worry.'
And I drove car back to home. I was thinking, he would have asked for some money but he dint. Good police in Noida too. But they dont work upto the mark as they say, they are short of staff.

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