Saturday, 21 February 2015

Girdhar Joshi

Some Mistakes Have No Pardon : An English novel by Girdhar Joshi

"This is a story of a monk who was not a monk long back. He was a charming boy who, despite of a deprived childhood, grows to riches and achieves professional excellence by his grit and hard work. But before he realizes the designs of destiny, he finds himself struggling to find love, peace and happiness, and ends up in losing relations after relations, amidst the compelling pressures of profession, pssion and maladjustment of life.

What made him to metamorphose into a life of a monk? And was he happy being one? The story finally unravels the maze and finds answers."

Its title, Some Mistakes Have No Pardon, attracted me so much that I was compelled to buy this novel. Its an interesting reading. It was published by quills Ink Publications in 2014. A 426 pages book is priced at Rs. 395/- The author, Girdhar Joshi is my Facebook friend. Further details can be had from him. He, earlier published some books on management and information technology. But his "urge to write did not stop at the academic books." He also has a poetry collection to his credit. This is his first novel. May God bless him to write more such novels.

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