Saturday, 7 March 2015

Women's day special : 3

Women's day special : 3

यह महिला दिवस उन औरतों के नाम, जो औरत होने के बावजूद पूर्ण औरत होने के लिए तरस रही हैं. यह उन औरतों के दर्द की कहानी है, जो पुरुष-शरीर में कैद हैं, यानि Transgender हैं यानि जिन्हें आम भाषा में हिजड़ा कहते हैं. ऐसी ही एक औरत की डायरी के कुछ पन्ने.

(उस अनाम कन्या की मूल लिखी रचना, एक महिला से झगड़ा हो जाने पर क्रोध में लिखी गई, ज्यों की त्यों प्रस्तुत है. इस रचना में भावनाओं का उद्रेक है, जिसमें छुपी है एक भीषण सचाई)

Men are attracted to transwomen as much as 
they are attracted to biological women. 
Transwomen are bold, raw and sexually 
stimulating. A transwoman can evoke the 
passion of a man like a volcanic eruption. 
A man falls in love with a transwoman for many 
reasons. Not only is she beautiful and sensual 
but also a free person thrown away from the 
strange social norms of the society. Though she 
may live in rags, her spirit is free and she is 
prosperous and liberated in love. For a biological 
woman in India, her partner is chosen by her 
biological families. But a transwoman is free to 
choose her partner and may live with him even 
without a marriage bond. It is an unconditional 
bond of togetherness bound by love and 

A transwoman's love for a man is voluptuously 
complete. Some transwomen surrender totally 
to their men and the men become their 
masters. At times, a transwoman knows she is 
exploited, yet for her, he is the anchor in her 
life. She pours cascades of pure love on him 
which drives him madly to possess her 
completely. She believes in her own chastity and 

Transwomen are great playmates in bed. Men 
open up their deepest animal desires and gallop 
in flames of endless joy with them. Transwomen 
are explosive. Men are experimental. Together 
they burn and blow up playing with the Pandora 
of sexual desires. A man plunges deep into her 
and she swallows him up to the core. 
A lonely midnight walk by her on a high street 
does magnetic effect on men. They buzz around 
her like hungry bees for their carnal 
satisfactions. She can choose the one who she 
desires. The remaining bees can fly home and 
cuddle with their loved ones.

The uncommonness about her identity is the 
mystery that men seek. Transwomen are magic 
and men want more of them. Transwomen are 
satiating divas, the undisputed queens of 

प्रस्तुति : मणिका मोहिनी

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